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Isochronic tones are a fast and effective audio-based way to stimulate your brain. This is possible thanks to how binaural beats work: it is able to reproduce specific brainwave patterns, at desired combinations, which yield the results. So in this post, I'm going to give you a run down of the benefits you can expect to reap from regular use of theta binaural beats.

Scientists at Duke University found that binaural beats improved mood, performance, and vigilance. Therefore, scientifically I feel a study of binaural beats on children would be rather interesting. Binaural beats are able to bypass the conscious mind in order to work directly with the subconscious.

In the middle, I have a number of tracks which use a combination of beta and alpha wave frequencies, like Study Booster , Study Enhancer and Cognition Enhancer The last 3 use similar frequencies but deliver the tones and brainwave entrainment effects in different ways.

The word binaural means having or relating to two ears.” It works like this: each ear receives a slightly different frequency at the same time, and the brain perceives the tone that is the difference of the two. According to neuroscientists, the effect of decreasing the brain rhythm from beta to alpha via deep relaxation techniques and the use of binaural beats brain entrainment, changes the levels of certain beneficial brain chemicals.

Theta brainwave states Meditation have been used in meditation for centuries: It is common for people to feel as if they are in a trance, where the mind feels as though it may have gone to sleep although it is conscious of what is happening around it. Theta induces a capacity for prolonged daydreaming, where a loss of time may be experienced.

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